26 August 2006
30th Anniversary Staff Happening


A picture is worth a thousand words
We could give you a long description on what we did... instead we're going to give you a lot of pictures with some side-info
here and there.
It all started with a new type of tank container...
The unit carried various products inside,  all in one colour depending on the team you were in,  and a letter explaining absolutely nothing...
Saturday morning coffee.  Everybody on time, ready for a day of activities.
Staff & partners were divided into 8 teams: White Wine Vinegars, Professor Green, Agent Orange, Yellow Submarine, Red Devils, Brown Sugar, Blue Thunder, and the Black Knights (picture on the left, quite obviously).
All teams enjoyed 4 types of activities: High Active, Sport, Quiz and Old Flemisch games.  The quiz included a sudoku, finding 10 loading/delivery sites on a country map of Europe, 10 music fragments and some specific questions on transport & Huktra.
The sudoku & music fragments were quite difficult (yes, that was Luka Bloom singing that famous Abba song 'dancing queen').  Geography and the transport questions however were obviously too easy... except for that one city that no-one seemed to be able to know: TERVINGERS.  After not finding it in Norway, Sweden or Holland, we are still searching for it... any help is welcome.